I am using Advanced Forum for article comments. After upgrading advf to 7.x-2.3, I noticed that wrong numbers were assigned to replies. For example, it said that comment #2 is in reply to comment #2, which was nonsense.

Having looked into it some more, I realized that the problem started already with 7.x-2.2. That release was supposed to fix some incorrect numbering issues. But I have the impression that having fixed some, it created some new ones. :)

For example, with 7.x-2.1, the first comment is labeled "#2" which is not very logical but after that - no further issues. After upgrading to 7.x-2.2 (and 7.x-2.3), the first comment is correctly labelled "#1" but then there is no consistency in the numbering of comments and replies. Sometimes, it's correct, but most of the time the numbering of replies to comments is wrong (see first para above).

Not getting any advice or information about a possible fix, I have rolled back to 7.x-2.1 and am relatively happy.

Any further information on the issue would be appreciated. Thanks.


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the issue appears already with 7.x-2.1

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will try to compare the code in 7.x-2.1 and later releases to identify the guilty bit:)

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I think it's related to my patch #13 from #1724080: Wrong post position displayed in topic replies - please try it out.
marking this issue as duplicate