It seems some bugs have been solved and commited to -dev during the past two years.
Could you please release a stable version?

Thanks in advance! :)


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Agreed that it's time to put out a new release. I think modules with this type of popularity (51k websites are using a D7 version of this project), really should be able to put out a maintenance release every year. It's great that the Dev releases are being made and that there's new work being done, but it is really hard to keep track of all of the dev modules out there that we're still having to use in Drupal 7.

But this shouldn't all fall on the shoulders of the maintainers. I do think that there should be incentives to ensure that people who are contributing to it are recognized. There should be some motivation to go through the issue queue and see that reports that people have made are acknowledged, repeatable, fixable and eventually closed. This is a lot of work, but there should be some acknowledgement done for those who are tending the issue queue, but I don't think that's enough.

I've blogged about the use of Flattr & Gittip. The latter brought up some great discussions about initiatives like Top Shelf Modules and

Adoption of any of those platforms seems to be pretty slow though. Gittip has the greatest acceptance on d.o because there is at least a form on each users Profile page to add it in, and yet, there has been marginal increase in the adoption or donation rates

I tried to highlight how Gittip could be incorporated into d.o's issue queue in order to provide incentives to individual contributors. From feedback there, I decided to look at how Corporate logos could be incorporated into the issue queues (even for anonymous users).

None of these solutions is without it's problems. Some of these solutions will work better to support some projects than others. I think there are probably hundreds of other ways to help shape participation in the Drupal community such that end users, developers, designers and Drupal shops are able to find easier ways to contribute back. But I think we need to get the conversation moving about how to see that important projects like this get the support that they need to see that they are properly resourced.

There's a place to discuss improvements in GDO but there isn't a lot of active participation there.

Ultimately, what kinds of functionality/UI changes would help make this module easier to? For folks who are active contributors, what would help you? Each project may have it's own ideas about how to best motivate the community that uses it's code. It might be that folks are confident that there's no need to change anything, and perhaps they are right.

I would like to know when we can expect to see the next stable release of this module and think it is great when there is a meta issue queue to gather the issues that should go into that next release. I couldn't find this, but if it doesn't already exist it can be started here.

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+1 to upload a new stable release!

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Other maintainers, getting back onto this after app dev hiatus. How close are we to a new stable release?
Thank you.

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I already did this in March, the new stable release is 7.2. Didn't notice this ticket at the time so closing now.

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LOL, very good! Thanks!