I just installed the repsonsive background images module.


1. Do I need to create sized image styles and assign to individual breakpoint accordingly? like on the picture. https://drupal.org/files/project-images/responsivebackground.png

2. I uploaded a background image (1600px x 1200px) and I noticed that only the 320px breakpoint configuration works, the others make no effects. I don't know if it is something to do with my theme. I use the Omega4 subtheme.




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Hmmm...this is weird. I use a 1280px width desktop screen and this only responds to 320px breakpoint configuration. For example:
If only 320px = "none" and other breakpoints with their own image styles, the background image is gone regardless of screen sizes.

Right now I only set the 320px breakpoint to bp1280 and leave the other breakpoints to "none". It is like the other breakpoint (480px to 1600px) setup are useless. With this I have a full size background on my 1280px width desktop screen and it responds to the resizing.

Is this a bug?