First let me say my Drupal skills are limited.

My client says he had a slideshow on his product images on both of his Drupal install sites. That is when you click one of the images on the products page, a slideshow opened up and you could view all the images for that 1 product.

That I know of, I did not make any changes to his 2 sites, but on both sites all of a sudden this product multiple image slideshow is gone. You can see the multiple thumbnails per product correctly but no slideshow opens up.

I am trying to diagnose what happend I have been looking for image settings and maybe a slideshow module. I came across this post:

Under modules I do not see a Views Slideshow. When I go to the location of my product images: Store » Products » Product types » Item » Manage fields » Photos I see a dropdown for the Image style and it's set to thumbnail.

I also have these options:

Is is possible there is another setting that might have given this slideshow? I mean it couldn't have just disappeared, so I am trying to find where this setting might be. Any suggestions?


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Could be a javascript error.

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Accross 2 separate websites, in different computers and browsers at the same time? Was thinking maybe a setting got disabled, but don't know where to look for this slideshow if its not in the modulues.