Hi All,

I have created a procedures Drupal site that is stand-alone and SSL secure.

Our internal It department is concerned that this site can be a threat, and a conduit for hackers to get in to internal network.
There is nothing connecting the internal network to the Drupal site except a reference path of users going to the site for info.

In my amateur opinion, it seems to be about as locked-down as it can be, but then again, I know nothing about Black Hat.

Can anyone enlighten me as to the threat that I may have created to my companies internal network?


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Shouldn't they be explaining that? If they want to claim it's a threat, they should back that claim up.

Drupal itself is very secure, and has a dedicated security team that checks up on Drupal core and 3rd party modules.

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makes me wonder how they justify running php on the server or anything for that matter.

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Yes. When it comes down to it, they are asking for proof of non-existence.

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thanks for your comments Jaypan and VM.

maybe I should ask, has anyone had experience with these kinds of sites becoming the entry point for malicious network activity?
what to watch out for?

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That's a broad question. I suggest if you want to learn about these types of things to get a few books and google some relevant information about server and network security.

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