I would like to remove the words "Articles from" in the title of my feeds news page or the (/list) listed items page. I have searched the folders and found the file feeds_news.views_default.inc contains the "Articles from %1" but removing it and leaving just %1 and then uploading it and clearing cache and even deleting the feed and feed items and creating the page and importing the feeds the "Articles from" still remains in the title of my page.

How can I get rid of this or what am I missing.


feeds-articles-from.GIF6.52 KBmodiphier
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Well, I'm not sure what the problem is, but you probably don't want to edit the feature directly. You should clone the view, the edit the title.

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Yes, i looked at the view and the title is not set so there is nothing to change. Unless your saying there is a variable I can paste in there that will allow just the page title to be the title and not add Articles from to the real title?

That was a thought I had when i viewed it but wouldn't know what the right variable was. at least not without researching.