before i describe the issue a couple qualifications.
- i am not sure if this is specifically related to flexible layouts
- not sure if this would be considered a bug; it may just be a known limitation

- i have created a couple layouts using the panels add flexible layout
- i have assigned these to a category: Home
- all layouts have multiple columns

when i am using the IPE to switch layouts; when first selecting new layout the regions all display in a single column:
- actual layout:
- selecting in ipe:

and then once the new layout has been selected and i immediately open the customize this page editor, the layout is still displayed as a single column:

when the content choices are saved; still appears as single column:

but on page refresh, the correct layout is shown:

in contrast to this issue; the "fixed" (i guess hard coded?) layouts that are built in to Panopoly do not have this issue.


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