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Last updated: September 18, 2013 - 16:51

Release notes

Feature release of the Acquia Network Connector modules. Upgrading from previous 6.x releases is recommended.

This release includes support for new Insight tests on security, performance, best practices and your own custom tests! See acquia_spi.api.php for developing your own custom tests.

Additionally this release supports an upcoming Insight feature to securely fix a limited number of variables on your Network-connected sites via the Insight service. Further documentation coming soon.

Changes since 6.x-2.12:

  • #2091097 by coltrane, gcassie: Update Connector messaging for Acquia Cloud Free.
  • #2081981 by coltrane: Added Server processing messages and set variables automatically.
  • #2088603 by ayang: Added user-contributed custom tests.
  • #2081003 by gcassie, coltrane: Added Let Secure Login module allow site to pass SSL login check.
  • #2085055 by gcassie: Added Send node access module data.
  • #2049669 by coltrane, gcassie: Upgrade Security Review checks.
  • #2088565 by gcassie: Added Check for pending database updates.
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