I would like to refer to this issue https://drupal.org/node/1536098 , where it was purported that this issue has been resolved.

This issue is not resolved and neither in beta-3 nor in .dev Galleria does not resize the gallery or the images when you resize the window in a responsive theme. My theme is Corolla.

Whatever was suggested in that thread I tried,and I tried many other things for the past 3 days (removing the width parameter and setting it in CSS), but it still does not work!


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Hey I got it to work for me by;

  • Downloading the latest version of the library
  • Changing the default optionset so that the only option is height 0.66666666666667

I'm using version 7.x-1.0-beta3

It works great and resizes dynamically. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for sharing your settings,
but that didn't work.

I did everything to recreate your configuration: downgraded to beta-3, replaced my old 1.2.7 library with 1.2.9.
I created a new profile and in it's settings it's like this:
Plugins: [none selected]
Image Styles:
Thumbnail image style : galleria_thumb
Normal image style: galleria_zoom
Big image style: None (original image)
responsive: [ticked]
height: 0.66666666666667

RESULT: nothing ...
nothing appears if you don't have the width at all.
nothing appears if you don't set the width to some numeric variable.
nothing appears if you set the width to "auto".
So the only way to get something appearing is to specify... width: 650 ...then at least something appears, but it's not responsive in Corolla theme.

Which theme are you using?

PS: now it's time for me to go and bang my head against the wall.

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OK, please ignore. Turnsout that I was missing a [0] in <?php print render($content['field_images'][0]); ?> inside my custom node--content-type.tpl.php

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Priority: Major » Minor
Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)