I am using the latest Pantheon stack, with D 7.22. I have a moderately complex site, and wanted to create a minipanel that would contain the contents of a node and would then be embedded as a pane in the Panelized node.

When I add context = content to the minipanel, I see the category of "page content " when I try and add content to the mini panel. However if I open that section in the editing screen, I get an Ajax 500 error.

In my system log, the relevant error seems to be: "EntityMalformedException: Missing bundle property on entity of type node. in entity_extract_ids() (line 7680 of /srv/bindings/a9a256bd91ab48c5a145ebdd3a2b8f25/code/includes/common.inc)."

I am afraid I have no idea how to further troubleshoot this, but put it here in the hope this bug report will be useful to others.

If anyone has any suggestions how to find out more that would be useful, feel free to suggest them.


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OK So I have found out what is affecting it, I have the same issue. This is a panopoly issue directly related to Panopoly Widgets.

In panopoly_widgets.module (version 7.x-1.2), line 108

  if ($subtype['category'] == 'Node' || $subtype['category'] == 'Entity') {
    $subtype['category'] = t('Page Content');

This changes the category of the node fields. For some reason, and I still have to figure out WHY, this is causing an error in the case of mini panels. Comment out that if statement, and try out the mini panel content configuration, choosing Node rather than Page Content from the tabs.

Im pretty sure its due to the Entity and Node being wrapped up together, the end result is an error in common.inc: function entity_extract_ids()..