Drupal 8 Alpha3: /core/install.php says 'Your PHP installation is too old. Drupal requires at least PHP 5.3.10' but i have PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze17 on Debian7

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You have PHP 5.3.3 with some backported security patches. This is an earlier version of PHP than 5.3.10, and so the error message is correct since PHP must be at least 5.3.10 for Drupal 8 to work...

If you check the PHP changelog you'll see that there are a significant number of bug fixes to PHP between version 5.3.3 and 5.3.10.

Now if you have a look at the changelog for the Debian package, which is linked to in the right hand column of the package description page, you'll see that the maintainer is picking security fixes and a few bug fixes. It's not anything close to the full list of bug fixes. This is purposeful, since Debian focuses on stability.

Potential solutions for you:

  • http://backports.debian.org/ likely has a more current version of PHP
  • Compiling PHP is pretty easy - php.net has full details and the source files. This is useful if you require PHP 5.3.3 for other tasks. You can use PHP-FPM to run two versions of PHP simultaneously.

Edit: I should have included that the Debian naming format probably mislead you here... Debian says "The Debian binary package file names conform to the following convention: foo_VersionNumber-DebianRevisionNumber_DebianArchitecture.deb". So you have:

  • foo = PHP
  • VersionNumber = 5.3.3
  • DebianRevisionNumber = 7+squeeze17