This module is great and the D7 version is used by 40,000 sites but still has 'alpha' status!

I would love to use this module in production but my company have concerns consuming a module that is marked as 'alpha'.
Is this production ready? What work needs to be done in order to get a production status build released?

Thanks for your help in advance.



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Are you familiar with patches? You could apply patches from issues that need review on a local Drupal instance, and then report your findings, in order to help get the module out of "alpha" status.

You can start by looking in the issue queue for bug reports that need review. You may want to first focus on bug reports with a "major" priority status.

But yes, people are using this module in production environments; depends on how much functionality you need for your project. Sometimes with Drupal, you even have to use the "dev" version of modules.

And you have to be patient; basically, the maintainers aren't getting paid for their work...

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I agree with byronveale. It depends on your needs if Feeds is production ready for you. Some features in Feeds just don't work correctly yet, but you may not need these features for your project.

A few examples:

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