I had a web site built for me on Drupal in 2011 by Indy Give Camp--for non-profits. I had always been able to go on it and change things on my own-- so that made me interested in learning more about Drupal. In June of 2013, I started using 1and1.com as my web host. Lately I started getting messages that said I needed to update and upgrade. I have a book called Drupal 7 Explained and felt i was brave enough to try to update my site. Wellll--I lost it somewhere-- i mean when I try to pull up my site it is a blank page-nothing is there. I contacted my web host who said "This is a response for the email send from the email address urbanrecycle@mail.com
A check on the account, the domain name mysistersplace-indy.org is registered on your Instant Domain package which does not have a webspace or an FTP access. Are you sure that you have created the Drupal site for the domain mysistersplace-indy.org?

So, I don't know what that means-- nor how to answer it-- i am stuck and now i have no website-- Suggestions??


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what version of drupal did you update/upgrade from?

when you performed the update/upgrade what steps did you take?

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I started with version 7.1--when i performed the update i followed these steps:
took my site offline, backed up the site, went to reports & available updates,clicked download in the red warning area,saved the files to my desktop,extracted the files, or so I thought-but I never got the drop down box/folder. the next step says to delete the files. I think I was afraid to delete my files. thats as far as I got.

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There is an UPGRADE.txt file in every Drupal download.

As it stands none of those steps you mention above would have made your site go blank as you made no changes to the installation.

but I never got the drop down box/folder

If you downloaded the .tar.gz archive then you may need to perform two extractions. One on the .tar.gz and one on the .tar that is extracted from the .tar.gz. Else use the .zip.

I think I was afraid to delete my files.

when you create a backup of the files and the database (which you should be doing as a best practice) there shouldn't be a need for fear.

How did you install Drupal initially? Can you get to the files/folder structure of your public root on the server? If so; how are you doing so? When you moved the site from the old host to the new host, please explain how that was accomplished. If you physically moved the files from one server to another, and you did so using FTP then I'd suggest contacting your host again because the information in the email wouldn't be correct unless FTP has since been terminated or the webhosting account itself has been terminated. A whois on the domain in question indicates that you purchased the domain name through oneandone and that you're using their domain name servers (DNS).

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when I called 1and1- they told me that my site has been deleted off their server--now i know I saved it to my desktop, plus downloaded to upgrade. How do i get it on their server? I asked them that and they instead want to sell me something-- which i think is their game plan altogether. So if i have a copy of my website on my harddrive plus the upgrade- how do i get it back on the server? The host says that I should have a Linux package if i was to keep my drupal site on there and they have me down with a windows package. I am so confused-- i may have to dump the current drupal site and just go with one of their pre-mades--

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using the host knowledge base / support site will aid @ http://help.1and1.com/

in short:
connect by FTP to upload the files and folders
create a database
edit sites/default/settings.php to point to the new database, with the new user and new password (these are not drupal usernames and passwords they are mySQL).