Verbatim Solutions is pleased to be a Drupal Technology Partner providing professional translation services and cloud-based translation management tool, Verbingo™ to Drupal users as well as other clients globally. With over 50,000 translation projects completed and 15 billion words translated we're ready to help!

With the capacity to translate over 2.5 million words daily, we provide seamless professional translation services and support for your content management system with our Verbingo™ Cloud Translation Tool in several convenient ways:

  1. Standalone Verbingo™ Translation Tool Dashboard:
    • Upload & analyze your .po, .pot, XLIFF or any other source files you may have.
    • Select your translation preferences: professional, machine + edit, or machine translation.
    • Download completed translations in your selected file type.
  2. Verbingo™ Drupal Module (Coming Soon)

As your website grows, it becomes increasingly important to make your content available to users in a variety of languages. Our cloud-based translation management tool - Verbingo™ - is perfect for Drupal users looking to localize their content from 1 to 100 languages via our 500,000+ in-country professional translation crowd, machine translation + edit capabilities, or machine translation.

Verbatim Solutions offers the community the ability to instantly analyze word count, segments, unique words and exact matches to maximize your savings and also access your translation memory, glossaries, search terms and much more to help minimize time & cost and improve content reusability - all from the cloud and free. As an additional bonus Drupal users receive 30% off their first professional translation project.

If you need help with your multilingual website or for more information, please call 1.800.573.5702 or email us at You can also learn more about Verbatim Solutions & Drupal translations here:

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