Experimental project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.


This module provides a front-end interface to The City's admin api. This is a developer's module and should only be installed/enabled to explore The City's Admin API. Care should be given when assigning permissions to use the front-end as sensitive data could be exposed to users with access.


  • Uses John Robert's API wrapper to make calls to The City.
  • JSON-based input for passing arguments to methods.
  • Rendering/Displaying the results can be set to print_r, var_dump, or dsm (devel) if enabled.


Requires installation John Robert's API wrapper, which also requires the curl library. Devel module is not required but helps to give you a clickable rendering of the results.


  • Download and enable this module. Clone or download John Robert's API wrapper inside this module's directory (you should end up with a folder called "thecity-admin-php" inside this module's folder.
  • Configure your City API Key/Token at /admin/config/development/tcapi. You will need to create/reuse a key here
  • Do great Kingdom work!

Project information