I am using Field Collection for a pair of fields in a node, "Performer" and "Instrument". Both fields are autocompleting term references for free tagging by the user. This works perfectly well until the user clicks on one of the terms when viewing the node to view all nodes listed with that term, where they get the message "There is no content currently classified with this term". This is a known issue with Field Collection (see https://drupal.org/node/1131872) and as a non-coder I've spent months trying to investigate workarounds without success. The only suggested solution that seems to make sense (posted in the discussion at the previous link) is to use Rules to automatically copy the term(s) entered into "Performer" to a separate field in the node, outside the field collection, so that when the term is viewed, all those nodes will be listed under it.

"Performer" may only contain a single value within each field collection, but the user can add as many field collections as needed, so effectively the field containing the copied "Performer" terms could contain many term references.

I have tried to do this using the suggested code import from the forum discussion linked above, but it doesn't work, and I have also tried hard to understand the Rules documentation to do this from scratch but without success. If anybody can either export a working rule that will do what I need or explain step-by-step how to use the Rules interface to do this myself I would be MASSIVELY grateful. There would also be a reward in it for anyone who can fix this for me as I have reached my wits' end with it :(