entity.api.php is in core/includes. Surely it should be in core/modules/entity?

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It seems to have a bunch of probably obsolete hooks in it, like I'm pretty sure hook_entity_info() does not exist any more. It used to be in includes because there was no entity module... anyway yeah.

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Title: entity.api.php should be in the entity module » Consider moving entity.api.php out of /core/includes

No, none of those hooks are relevant to the entity module, which might be renamed soon to entity_ui module. All of these are part of Drupal\Core\Entity, and we've left those sort of api.php in core/includes.

So either we leave it, start putting api.php files in core/lib/Drupal/Core/*, or move them to system.module

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Ah. I think in the past we've put other ones in the system directory. Isn't there a theme.api.php file there and some others? Alternatively, maybe all of them should be in core/includes, as that is really where the hooks in them are defined, rather than actually in the System module? or in core/lib? ??

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All other api.php files live in module folders. Theme.api.php lives in system along with a few others:


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Thanks again - committed to 8.x.

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