The form rendered at /admin/content/types/export is always blank due to starting on step one and the 'content_copy_export_form.tpl.php' having:

if ($form['#step'] == 2):
#7 2088747-7.patch1006 bytestbradbury
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Just an update:

If you delete content_copy_export_form.tpl.php, then the initial form renders (step 1), but then step 2 is not formatted correctly

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Did you ever figure out what the cause was? I've had this come up and am assuming a conflict with another module, but there are no errors anywhere...

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I managed to get the form to show up by removing the newlines at the end of content_copy_export-form.tpl.php.

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alieffring: Bingo. Thank you. I don't have this issue on my PHP 5.3 servers, but I do on my 5.5.9. Weird.

Anyway, that got me to the second page, which still had a busted layout.

The fix for the busted layout is to add the '&' to the function arguments for template_preprocess_content_copy_export_form at the bottom of content_copy.module.

Line 622 should look like:

function template_preprocess_content_copy_export_form(&$vars) {...

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Just to confirm, fixes from #4 and #5 are working for me too.

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Status: Closed (won't fix) » Needs review
1006 bytes
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I have experienced this issue as well after migrating my server to Ubuntu 14.04 (to PHP 5.5.9). Applying this patched fixed my issue.