Following up on #1537074 and the patch committed there:

I have two exposed filters, both of which I am replacing the -Any - on; however, when I look at the Page, only one of the filters actually shows the replacement value for the -Any-. I've checked and rechecked, and the View is saving both of the replacement values in the BEF Settings ( I've cleared cache, resaved the View, and looked at the console.

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Hi all,
I have found this bug and create a patch which can fix them. The main problem with this the setting of any_label was outside the foreach which set the other things and this condition didn't look at settings array just the options, and it isn't enought.
So, if you can use this patch you can use the override of Any options in more than one exposed filter.

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Cool! I got it working with this patch.


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indeed, works!

Thanks a lot!

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Status: Needs review » Closed (duplicate)

#2260691: Override "Any" label code is outside foreach loop was just committed and should fix this issue.

Thank you for the patch, though!