Helping someone to convert from JJoomla 1.7 to Drupal 7, but since I never used Joomla before hitting some troubles what is what in its database. Joomla seems to have much simpler database structure in comparison with Drupal, nevertheless little confusing for a new user. I've successfully imported all the nodes using Joomla module, but the module didn't work for the comments. Turns out Joomla doesn't have comments, so they use various plag-ins (modules in our terminology), and the website in subject is using "k2_comments" plug-in.

Anyone can finish this migration for $50? There are only 5742 comments.


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when you have migrated the nodes successfully, you will need to take note of these nids because the drupal comments uses the nid to relate that comment to whichever node it belongs. you can try writing your own migration script for comments. see this post for examples:

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This should be done same time with the node migration.

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I appreciate your inputs, however I was looking for someone who would do this for us for $50. Anyone?

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I suspect that unless someone has a ready-made script that they can just send you, $50 is not much reward for this task.

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Thanks, guys, the job is done, the bounty is taken.