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Documentation for DAN polaroid.

Image selection

Dan polaroid selects the image in this order:

  1. Image of a image field attached to the node
  2. Image of the author
  3. Random colorized image


Enable the module and his submodules.


Usage with features module

Enable submodules.


To get an polaroid styled frontpage, enable the submodule "DAN Polaroid Front Page" and enable the corresponding frontpage feature in the feature module configuration page.

The two views generated by the module:

The two views generated by the module.

The frontpage view:

The frontpage view.

Check site informations:

Check site informations.

Taxonomy terms

To get polaroid styled taxonomy terms, enable the submodule "DAN Polaroid Taxonomy Term" and enable the corresponding feature in the feature module configuration page.

Usage without features module

DAN polaroid delivers a node view mode called "Day and Night Polaroid". Use the views module to build your own polaroid styled views.

The frontpage view.

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