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MD5: f1ab9ee22422a9ff248582e02d7abf23
SHA-1: 3c20cd61dd05a677ad033cfcb09cc9b8839c262d
SHA-256: d61d0ec6cf63acf812b7c2d45bb5ca3d4e66dfbc0cfc9a063fb191bf14153cc2
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Release info

Created by: gcb
Created on: September 13, 2013 - 00:20
Last updated: February 7, 2014 - 00:53
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features

Release notes

This is the initial release. The basic function of this module is to generate a commerce line item attached to a Registration Entity, and trigger an update to the Registration entity when that line item is part of a completed commerce transaction. To achieve this, we attach a settings blob to each Registration Type to control whether and when to allow line item creation. We also add a Registration line item type. At this point, the line items generated are based mostly on code copied out of Commerce, and could use some cleaning up. The module also offers a rules action and condition to configure the behavior on purchase completion.

  • Adding version requirements for dependencies.
  • Check new reg_commerce enable setting before loading price fields and pay buttons.
  • Fixes enable index typo in settings submission.
  • Adding enable/disable form option for each registration type.
  • Fixing unknown value error when setting default field to add registrations to cart.
  • More sensible behavior when editing registrations for the auto-add to cart on save function.
  • Broadening definition of cart forms to properly disable the quantity field.
  • Adding support for multi-slot registrations.
  • Restoring registration_commerce_line_item_configuration with comments.
  • Add commerce as a dependency.
  • Instantiating GPL license & basic readme.
  • Comments, coding style, and messaging cleanup.
  • Restructured settings logic to use registration_type settings field.
  • Removed obsolete hook_entity_delete that was trying to fix the errors in our uniqueness rules execution.
  • Altering forms to use entity settings blob rather than the old system variable.
  • Installation hooks for adding the settings blob to registration type entities.
  • Misc coding style.
  • Stripping out rules version of cart uniqueness assertion (it has been coded into registration_commerce_pay_callback).
  • Building in logic to check for extant payment line items for a registration before adding to cart.
  • Proper description for Administer Registration Commerce permission.
  • Removing unused function registration_commerce_line_item_configuration -- just a reproduction of the same function in commerce.
  • Avoid bad index errors on first visit to a registration commerce tab form on registration type.
  • Comments for getter functions and default the uniqueness commerce rule to active.
  • Compensate for storing the amount in commerce-ready format on the loading of form default values.
  • Fixes permissions check for updated settings datastructure.
  • More sensible generic price handling using form options on registration types.
  • Check for entity deletions and clean up the registration_commerce_reg field data for those registrations.
  • Use a more accurate index for the registration bundle in the state access check.
  • Rules condition: Registration is contained in any other cart.
  • Default rule to assert uniqueness of registration commerce line item purchases.
  • Tags & misc coding style in default rules.
  • Created forms include file, allowed for purchasable states to be configured in the UI per registration type.
  • Adding permission setting and logic to allow users to add other user's registrations to their cart.
  • Updating default calculation rules to be compatible with altered price property fields.
  • Added property fields to extract amount and currency directly from the registration price for use in rules.
  • Converted calculated Price property on registrations to a struct with amount and currency indexes.
  • Abstracting price_get to use a hook and a default return value.
  • Adding rules condition to check number of members tickets
  • Add rule for unsetting price of unavailable registration line items.
  • Minor fixes to registration_commerce
  • moved hook_form_alter for ticketed event modifications into lac_ticket.
  • rewrite of registration_commerce_form_alter to fix display of multi-ticket registration items. Temporary, to be split into a hook in lac_ticket
  • Modified shopping cart view of registration_commerce registration items to count up the line items and display an edit link back to the registration rather than an inaccurate quantity field.
  • Fix bug in set registration state rules action
  • Add default rule to set price for registration products