I´m thinking about developing a module to use Gallery2 with Drupal.
Sure, I know the Gallery module. But for my opine this module isn´t clear enough.
That should mean that the way of embeding which the gallery module uses isn´t any kind of nice look.
Theres to many style of Gallery2 in Drupal by using "gallery".

So I´ve decided to devlope a module which integrates Gallery2 looking much more unitary !!

And now a question:

Do you think it´s a good idea to use the Gallery2-Remote-Interface ?
I´m not sure if this is realy in sense with performance !?
And if it is will it stay perfomantly by using SOAP in future ?

What do you think ?

Would be nice to have a little discussion about.

Greetings Uhu


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Can you tell me more about your situation and what the details are? which remote are you using and how does this work? Because im new to this. Hows gallary2 working for you so far?

curious, and new,

Thanks for your help and support: