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I believe I've stumbled on a problem with Drupal. Using brand new installs of WAMP and Drupal, right after install finishes and the user arrives on the front page for the first time with the default Bartik theme, if a test Article post is made, the "add comments" link is missing from the teaser on the front page. I used Firebug to check the DOM and there was nothing for the link in the page code. It seems it is not being rendered. If the user logs out, the "log in to post comments" link appears in the wrong place: after "read more" instead of before it.

I have been able to re-create this problem on three separate computers. The problem may be with Bartik or it may be with Drupal.

I restored an earlier build that had Bartik as the theme. At that stage in the build all the needed modules had been installed. I had not posted any content. When I try to post content on that build, it will not appear on the front page despite being indicated as published and promoted in the dashboard. This tells me that IF there IS a problem it is effecting more than just that link. As I do a lot of work before I begin posting content (even just to test) I had not noticed this problem until I was very far long in my build.

I had a build almost completed with test content on it and it had a "add comments" link, but it suddenly disappeared. That's what led me to do new installs and that is where I discovered the problem. When I tried on another computer, again with a fresh install, same problem. I then tried on a brand new computer with a freash install of WAMP and Drupal; again, same problem occured.

I think others need to check this to make sure it just isn't me.

my config:
WindowsXP v2002 SP 3
Wamp 2.2e Apache 2.2.22; MySql 5.5.24; PHP 5.4.3; PhpMyAdmin 3.5.1
Drupal 7.23


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Please don't generate duplicate posts. The above is a duplicate of:

you can edit your opening post to add new information or a summary if necessary.

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Sorry. But I wanted this noticed because before I thought it was a problem with me, but if I can recreate it on multiple machines then it seems to be a problem with Drupal.

Again, sorry. I am not intentionally flaunting the rules. It won't happen again.

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editing a title can be accomplished and when a node it edited it is bumped to the top of the forums again. Possible bugs can be researched in the issue queue and if there aren't already existing reports you can file an issue. That's where things get noticed by those who can correct the issue in the next release.

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If the user logs out, the "log in to post comments" link appears in the wrong place: after "read more" instead of before it.

that is normal behavior.

As for the "Add a content" link not showing, are you sure comments are enabled for the node?

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yes the comments are enabled and open on the content type.