Hi Guys,

After doing a lot of research I've chosen to use Drupal for my next project.
I wish to create a restricted website for approved members only. One thing really important for the site would be restricting certain 'usergroups' to certain content 'categories' (e.g. different categories being: fruit, meat, vegetables). Some users may have access to all 'categories' and some just a couple.

So after registration and being approved the user would be assigned to a usergroup which in turn would be assigned to the rights of viewing certain 'categories' / content on the site. Is this the correct way in thinking that this would work?

I've been reading about taxonomies and a few other modules which may help with this but wanted to get some experienced opinions and ideas on making this possible using best practice. I'm able to dive into the php/html coding side of things if necessary.

Any help / opinions would be really appreciated!


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At this point you would want to use Drupal 7 since Drupal 8 is in development.

The organic groups module would map very well to the concept of user groups, content would belong the a particular group and users could belong to one or more groups.