The styling of the blocks available to place on the Blocks layout page is too "linky". The styling does not suggest that a user will take an action; the styling suggests that clicking the link will take the user to a different page.

Screenshot of the Place blocks listing on the Blocks layout page

We still need to determine what the styling should be.

Proposed resolution

If we already have designs for this, they need to be posted in this issue as screenshots.

Remaining tasks

  1. Design iterations; agree on a design
  2. Turn the designs into code

User interface changes

There will be changes.

API changes


Original report by @jessebeach

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Title: The "link" styling of the Place blocks available blocks listing » The "link" styling of the Place blocks available blocks listing is not appropriate to indicate an action

Updating the title

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Agreed, let's remove the blue from link color from the actions. I will propose coming up with a new icon/affordance at UX happy hour today.

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Discussed at Prague with Yoroy and Lisa and determined that having both "place" and "add" actions share the "+" icon works as long as the "add" action says "new". The "+" being bold and blue is enough to indicate action

For example:

+ New menu
+ Administration
+ Footer

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For this:


I used "medical cross" UTF271A

.block-list a:before {
content: '✚ ';
color: #0074bd;

I guess the one for "new..." needs it's own class to get the italic and elipsis. I just hacked it into the markup.

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That has the same problem though, which is that we're using the "add" symbol to indicate "placing" something. Adding is "Creating a new one of." That is not what we're doing here.

EDIT: Hm. Missed #3. Still seems bizarre to me, but I guess...

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That said, the styling change definitely gets rid of the "linky" feel, so +1 for that, but this should get Lewis's sign-off cos it's a pretty big visual deviation. I worry it might just replace one anti-pattern (links initiate an action instead of taking you to a place) with another (introduce weird one-off styling of links that are only used in this one place).

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This is one on which my thinking has evolved over time with influence from others in the UX group. By placing I am "adding" a block to this layout in both instances (new and existing) so the primary action is "add to layout" and the secondary is "create new then add"

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@webchick in #6. I voiced this concern in the UX team meeting, I think this design exchanges one problem for the other.

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I voiced this concern in the UX team meeting, I think this design exchanges one problem for the other.

Any ideas how we can overcome this?

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Sorry, I forgot to add that. I would actually consider won't fixing this, until it actually comes up as an issue in testing. I dont know if that satisfies the issue, but if the solution is changing one problem for the other - than standing still isn't a bad solution.

The only slight change that I would make is making the plus better (I would make the plus a bit less heavy)

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@Bojhan Less heavy in the design? If you mean less heavy like what's in head right now then there's no change.

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I don't know how I missed this admin page before. But I discovered today, so this mini-report is with "fresh eyes"

The first reaction was: this looks so coool. "Ah, so it looks like "Context UI" blocks placement"

Then, I thought, silly me, those are blocks, not regions. Those blocks are to be dragged to the regions.

I was then like 10 seconds trying to drag them. ("Place blocks" and the visual layout (2 columns) suggests that to me)
Finally... I thought.. maybe if I click them? Profit.

Too long time of discovery, imho, but I don't know how could be improved. The bigger + symbol suggested by tkoleary could work. Not sure.

But I strongly feel that "Place blocks" is wrong. Maybe "Available blocks", or "Blocks to add" could work better
Also "Place" suggests somehow that it's a list of unique blocks. But you can add as many block instances as you want. It's more like "creating" than placing.

Finally the original report says: "the styling suggests that clicking the link will take the user to a different page." . Yes, it does. Was it different before?

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"the styling suggests that clicking the link will take the user to a different page." . Yes, it does. Was it different before?

It is supposed to trigger a modal, but that is broken. Someone said they opened an issue, but I don't know where it is.

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Version: 8.0.x-dev » 8.0.0
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Thanks, removing from UX sprint now.