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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Based out of Bangalore, Myndsets Software Services is a leading software development company that leverages cutting edge open source technology like Drupal to build advanced enterprise web and mobile solutions for an array of clients in varying verticals. We have worked with large enterprise clients, academic institutes, start ups, NGOs and small & medium businesses mainly in India, as well as clients globally.

Since our founding in 2007, we've specialized in creating quality award winning websites. We establish long-term relationships with our clients by going the extra mile to provide quality results and ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation. Whether you require a professional website for your small business or an enterprise application, our experienced team has your needs covered.

Myndsets Software Services has a strong focus on mobile web design and making Drupal beautiful on a budget. Our aim over the past 7 years has been to cut the cost of building Drupal themes while increasing the flexibility, features and core capability of Drupals front end including mobile device support using responsive design, cross browser support, HTML5, search optimized code, color module support, and a host of other rolled in features to make Drupal theming faster, more flexible and for a lower overall cost.

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Drupal contributions

We have contributed these themes in our endeavour to bring premium quality themes to Drupal community:

Royal Olive Theme
Built on the solid 960 Grid System, Royal Olive Theme is a slick premium Drupal 7 theme designed for your website to attract attention. Royal Olive has been crafted for those who prefer dark themes.

Squid Pro Theme
Our premium theme Squid Pro Theme is founded on grid-based layout engine and is very light-weight for faster loading. Squid Pro has been designed to radiate that 'wow' factor.

Bootstrap Mint
Our latest premium theme Bootstrap Mint is a mobile-first Drupal 8 theme, built on the powerful Bootstrap 3.x Framework. With a plethora of 25+ regions and features, Bootstrap Mint theme is what you will ever need for your Drupal 8 project(s).

jQuery Auto Height
The use case scenario of our module jQuery Auto Height is that it dynamically adjust column heights, matching the biggest column in a Row for your site.

Projects supported

jQuery Auto Height, Bootstrap Mint (Drupal 8 Theme), Squid Pro Theme, Royal Olive Theme, Commerce HDFC Payment Gateway