will I be able to do this?
I cannot figure out how, as what I get now is ALL the terms that the related nodes have (with repeated terms too)

The real case is; filter seasonality (terms) in common to ingredients (nodes related to the viewed one) used in a recipe (viewed node).

Any clues?


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Okay so you have a viewed node (recipe) which contain ingredients (nodes) which have a taxonomy term called "Seasonality".

You have a view that is pulling in the related ingredients on the recipe page and you only want to show the seasonality terms they do not have in common. Is that correct?

What are the settings of that view?

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Everything correct, except I want to pull the seasonality terms they do have in common (you'll be able to prepare your recipe only when all ingredients will be available)

see here
at the moment the view block (STAG RICETTA) takes the NID from the url, pulls the ingredients with respective taxonomy terms (12 months)... and shows them all -> I need to show only the terms (months) the ingredients do have in common


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have you checked out this piece of views hacks:

this may let you present that argument against the taxonomy. i have not used it myself, but it seems somewhat applicable (from what i read)

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thanks for your suggestion zilla, but it doesn't seem to work for my need...