i've just installed a new copy of Drupal on wamp 2.2e. When I get to the site for the first time and create an article, the add comments link is missing at the bottom of the teaser. I cannot figure out what is going on. I've done this step many times and this has never happened to me before.

i'm desperate. I have a deadline i've missed and now i've got this and i can't figure it out. please help me.


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Have you checked all the obvious stuff - Comments module turned on, Comments enabled by default for the Article content type, comments enabled for this particular Article, etc.?
Also, do you only miss the comments link in teaser view, or is it also gone form the full node view?

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Yes... module on, enabled by default for the Article content type and comments enabled for Articles.

And it is gone from teaser and also from full node. (Note: in full node view the comment the comment section is right there. For me it has always been that way. When I view the full node the comment form is at the bottom, as always. I have done this step a lot of times and this is the first time I have this happen. I install a fresh D7 and I post a test article and the add comments link is always there.)

But during a rollback, when I was dealing with a timeout problem (locally) I was trying to properly implement multilingualism when I noticed that the link was no longer there. So I started going backwards through my build saves to see where it started and that led me back to square one at the beginning. That's when I just dropped everything and started from fresh installs to see if it happened there too. It did.

I noticed that I had used 2 different versions of Wampserver running different versions of php: 5.3.13 and 5.4.3. so I tried them both. And I kid you not, I pulled an old tower out of storage and tried on that one to -- both versions of Wamp -- and I am still getting the same result.

I got this website done www.pontiac2020.ca but because of the timeout issue, once I had that resolved I wanted to go back and redo the part of my build where I implemented translation to have it done right before opening up the site live.

But for some reason, as I got closer to actually getting that site up live, this kind of cascading effect came over everything to the point that I'm back to playing with fresh installs of Wamp and Drupal.

So I just keep reloading fresh installs, posting test articles and holding back the tears every time that link isn't there because I truly cannot understand what happened or how this changed for me.

And I really appreciate the post. Thanks!

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I realize you're probably already done this, but... the next thing I'd do in your shoes is inspect the DOM with Firebug or Chrome DevTools to see if the link is in the HTML but just not showing up for some reason.
You're doing all this with default themes, right?

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I don't think your questions are silly, I think my situation is. This is so bizarre.

I checked DOM and the link is not there. BUT... I noticed that when I'm logged out I'm getting the "Log in or register to post comments" links showing up for anonymous users but it's showing up in the wrong order. The above mentioned "Log in or register to post comments" link is appearing at the end on the right. In other words, instead of it showing up in the normal fashion:

Log in or register to post comments Read more

it's the other way around:

Read more Log in or register to post comments


I would love to understand how I've managed to make it that Drupal, out of the box, is fubar this way. I just can't understand it. And what truly boggles my mind is that it is doing the exact same thing on another machine completely isolated from the other machines. I d/l straight off drupal's and wamp's site and I get the exact same result. I've used new copies of the files, old local copies of the files and still the same thing. And to me, that should just not be possible.

But I'm still desperate. If I don't resolved this soon and get that site done I'm a dead duck!

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my configuration

wamp: 2.2e; Apache 2.2.22; MySql 5.5.24; Php 5.4.3
windowsxp v2002 service pack 3

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I've re-installed everything fresh and still the same. Drupal will not load with the add comments link.

What is it about my configuration that is mangling Drupal on the install? This didn't happen before.

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This is starting to look like a theming problem.
Have you tried with Bartik or Seven as your default theme?

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Also, are you seeing anything in either the Drupal error log (under "Reports") or in your PHP error log in WAMP? (Sorry, not a Windows guy, so don't know exactly where to find that)

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lol don't be sorry for not being a windows guy. I AM the one sorry I AM a windows guy.

to answer your theme question: bartik. Essentially I have done nothing but install Drupal. I haven't changed themes or enabled/disabled any modules. This is strictly an out-of-the-box install with no modifications. What really bothers me is there seems to be something mangling my install so I could never trust this to build a full site on.

I didn't notice anything that caught my attention in any of the logs. I'm doing yet another install of a fresh copy and will check closer all logs and let you know.

Basically, I'm creating a database, creating a user, associating that user with the database and installing drupal (standard install). When Drupal installs and I arrive on the front page I post a test article and there's no add comments link at the bottom of the teaser.

I really do appreciate your help.

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I am fairly new so keep that in mind ... when I post a new article and the teaser goes to the home page there is never a comment form there, the comment form only shows up when you go to the full article node and even then it only shows if you have the comments enabled on the article content type. Just my .02, Paul

Edit: sorry, I think I misunderstood your problem. I do get the "Log in or register" link at the bottom of my teaser but only show the comment form when I'm logged in and on the full article. Again, my appologies.

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What BeachsidePaul describes is what I understand to be correct, default behavior:
Anonymous users get offered a "Log in to comment" link on the teaser view that is the default on the main page, and the full comment creation form only appears on the full node view, if one has permissions to post comments.

ThomS - is this different to what you're seeing?

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Yes. Working off your previous post, I changed the theme to Garland and the "add comments" link APPEARED! Eureka! So this IS a theming problem. You got it!

But... this is a drupal install out of the box and to me this is signifying something wrong with core. I think this issue should get looked at to make sure others installing Drupal 7.23 are not having this problem. I think people may be missing this since Bartik is not a very used theme. If it's just Bartik, great. But if it's something wrong with core or install, that needs to be addressed. If Drupal compiles itself badly at this point then this is going to lead to lots and lots of issues for everyone.

I checked all my logs and there is nothing indicating any kind of problem. Apache showed no error whatsoever during install.

I say this may be a problem with Drupal core because I have done this on multiple machines and the same problem occurs.

Thank you both very much for your help.

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Glad to hear you got it to appear in Garland. Does it work in your own theme?

If I were trying to fix Bartik, the next thing I'd do is look in the templates for that theme, to see if the comments link is in fact being printed.
The reason I asked about PHP errors is that it's just vaguely possible that the template in Bartik is hiccuping because of a PHP problem (templates are written in PHP, at least until D8 :-)
Anyway the fact that it's appearing in Garland would indicate that it's indeed a theming issue, not something in the core Comments module.
Hope the rest of your build is less stressful!

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Yes it works with my theme. And thank you so much for your help and kind wishes.

sorry i took so long to reply