I have just duplicated a multisite install to a live server from dev. I scp'd all the files and used mysqldump to copy the database over.

The main site, "example.com" works fine on the live server. I can browse it, log in as admin and do the necessary.

The sub-site, "example2.com" is showing but does not use the correct theme. When I try to log in as admin, I am denied access (incorrect username/password).

Both sites share the same user and content tables. This set up works fine on my dev server, but not for some reason, on the live server.

I've tried all the suggestions at https://drupal.org/node/779792 but to no avail.

On the server, the drupal install is at /srv/example.com/public/htdocs and a symlink from /srv/example2.com to /srv/example.com

This exact same setup works for an existing Drupal multisite I have set up on the same server.

Appreciate any troubleshooting suggestions...