Installation and configuration

Last updated on
9 February 2017

A Wysiwyg plugin that allows editors to add a block of text to the main body text.

When you click on the Wysiwyg button, a popup will be displayed and you can insert a Header and a Body. Click Insert and it will add a div that will format and display the box as you can see on the snapshot attached.

Module Page:

See live example here:


  • Wysiwyg module
  • Wysiwyg editor i.e. TinyMCE


Copy the module directory in to your Drupal: /sites/all/modules directory as usual.
Enable the Wysiwyg boxout module

Download a Wysiwyg editor, for example TinyMCE ( and put into the libraries folder, it will look like this:
TinyMCE folder structure
Image: TinyMCE folder structure


Go to Configuration > Content Authoring > Wysiwyg profiles (/admin/config/content/wysiwyg)

TinyMCE profile for Filtered HTML
Image: TinyMCE profile for Filtered HTML

  1. Choose TinyMCE as editor for each Text format and click Save
    Wysiwyg profiles
    Image: Wysiwyg profiles
  2. Edit each Text format, enable Boxout under SHOWBUTTONS AND PLUGINS

Go to Configuration > Content Authoring > Text formats (/admin/config/content/formats).
if Limit allowed HTML tags option is enabled, add <div> to Allowed HTML tags configuration.
Filter Settings
Image: Filter Settings

Using it

  • Create a new article (/node/add/article)
  • Insert some content
  • Click on the place you want to add Boxout
  • Click on the Boxout button
  • Type a Header and Body and click Insert.
    Inserting a boxoutsee Image: Inserting a boxout
  • Save the Article

It should look like this
Testing Boxout
Image: Testing Boxout