Release info

Created by: podarok
Created on: September 11, 2013 - 09:27
Last updated: March 27, 2015 - 10:33
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 6.x-3.2
#2072869: Google geocoding not always accurate for partial addresses
#1209368: warning: Missing argument 1 for views_handler_argument::get_value()
#369925: US Military APO/FPO addresses
#1485968: zipcode 32003 missing from us database
#1946642: "NOT LISTED" country validation and save state/province
#1271066: Created patch to add South Sudan to
#356059: Multiple locations are saved in the wrong order
#1147220: Patch to preserve node types' location settings when upgrading from D5 to D6
#591398: City Search breaks when spaces are in cities names
#1344066: Node location fields do not appear on existing content types
#1443240: Province SELECT auto-update not working without clean-urls
#380842: Views sort order incorrect for Country field
#841340: Location CCK and Multiple field values on a single map
#1225306: error "The operator is invalid" when adding "Location:country" to filter Views
#924318: Warning message in Drupal logs
#471040: Range functions in are not accurate for large distances (affects proximity views etc.) Assigned to: rooby
#906968: CCK Location Fields do not save when Node Locations are enabled.
#2084133: Illegal string offset 'country' in location/location.module on line 282.
#581650: I want to see the field "additional" in the views
#1940474: Google geocoding returned status code: 610
#1944120: [6.x-3.x] Google geocoding returned status code: 610
#351918: Location Element Validation (Province is not validated)
#1628000: Support for two additional Bahamas regions
#1460880: Missing zipcode 10065 Assigned to: dww
#1291196: Views 3.x incompatible with Location CCK, views or location problem?
#1107748: Test: Call to undefined method LocationEarthTest::_assert() in tests/location_testcase.php on line 22 Assigned to: podarok
#1771062: Repair the wrong infomation about province in china
Thanks to community for hard work on it