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  1. Logging into the cPanel interface for your hostmonster account, scroll to the bottom and look in the "Advanced" section
  2. Select "Cron Jobs." It is represented with a calendar icon
  3. Select "Standard" (This step is unnecessary in Bluehost)
    • Do not use an email address or you will be hit with a notification every time the cron job runs
  4. Enter the following command: php /home/+++Your hostmonster login username+++/public_html/cron.php
    • Your home directory may include a number, such as /home2/
  • This is only for your main domain, subdomains are in different folders
  • Select the number of times that you would like the cron job to run
  • See if it works -you can check whether or not a Cron Job has been run in the Logs menu in Drupal
  • Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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    i struggled with this for 2 years, and finally found the correct format for the command line.

    You can simply use:

    php -cd /home/USERNAME/public_html/SITE_DIRECTORY/cron.php

    If you want it to use your public_html/php.ini file, you can use the following:

    php -c /home/USERNAME/public_html/php.ini /home/USERNAME/public_html/SITE_DIRECTORY/cron.php

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    on Bluehost through cpanel:

    /usr/bin/lynx -source

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    As long as i was with Bluehost following command worked perfectly for me..

    wget -q -O /dev/null

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    For Hostmonster user

    Add this code to your cron command
    cd /home/replace your hostmonster login username/public_html/ && /usr/bin/php -f cron.php cron_key=Please replace your cron key here

    PS: go to your drupal 7: Home » Configuration » System >> Cron = /admin/config/system/cron
    get cron key, it look like this: "FwZfBIqEiJR-Asher-iksecret codexTR5d0VqFBFtcG0ZU"