We just launched a PDF to Word converter @ pdftoword.pro

Since professional PDF to Word converters are extremely complex & costly, we decided to program one built with open-source techniques.

Don't expect a 1:1 copy of your PDF in Word format, but it will give you everything to need to make one with a little bit of work.

There are two options available:

  • Text & image extraction
  • OCR (text recognition)

Normally you will use text & image extraction, it tries to maintain the text layout, but the fonts and font-sizes are not extracted.
So you have to do a little bit of work to rebuild the PDF with the text and images given.

OCR technology will give a nice tool in case you scanned a document.

Credits go to:
- Drupal 7 for the excellent extremely modular platform.
- Conditional fields module for a really nice node form interface experience.
- PDF to Image module to deliver the images to the OCR processer.
- Tesseract OCR including some language packages, maintained by Google.
- pdftotext for text extraction from the Xpdf package
- pdfimages for image extraction also from the Xpdf package
- ImageMagick for image conversion and scaling
- JODConverter, the Java OpenDocument converter, for .txt to .doc conversion
- Drupal Business theme for a nice and tidy front-end

With all those projects we where able to build a free online tool to create word documents out of PDF files!


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But above this a user can also use many online tools that convert PDF files in Word files and those tools are absolutely free you don't have to pay a penny for them.

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why do you use softwaew to conver