I installed and enabled the module, and configured it for my taxonomy vocabulary. The terms edit pages show the input box where one can override the title. Whether I write something in there or leave it blank, nothing shows.

I ude D7 and Bartik. The page.tpl.php template renamed page-taxonomy.tpl.php for this module has the

print $title;

- with prefix and suffix.

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I have the same issue,the h1 heading is not changing.How did you solve this?

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I'm unable to reproduce this problem. Please double check that your taxonomy/term/7 page is not a view or a panel.

Here are my steps, please let me know if I'm missing something:
1) enable the module.
2) navigate to a taxonomy term edit page, for example taxonomy/term/7/edit
3) enter something into the field named 'Term page heading`, for example "This is a test"
4) save the term page.
5) click the "View" tab to view the taxonomy/term/7 page.
6) see the page heading, "This is a test".