We have a website based on drupal commerce kickstart.

The site is very slow!
I try boost module for anonymus users.
Boost modul works fine,the page became more faster.

But i notice an error.Cached pages saves the notification block of the cart.(i think its the top right corner of the site)
The module caching the page with empty cart.
And when i drop something to the cart,i cant see it in the notification blokk on the top right corner.
When i press "View cart" (it called "Kosár tartalma" in the side) i can see the content of the cart,because the "Cart" page in exceptions.

Can i do something?

Please help me!

Thx for help!


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You probably need to use Authcache + Commerce Authcache to get caching for all stuff and a dynamic shopping cart block... not sure how that will work with Boost though