Hello, i am a complete beginner with Drupal and web coding in general i guess, and I am having a problem about how to do this:

I was given the task to put in my header a dropdown menu which would display some links as items when the mouse hovers on the item/text/button "Useful links". Now those links are listed in a menu called "Header menu" in "Administration > Structure > Menus".

In my searches i found that module "Superfish", which apparently allows us to make dropdown menus. I installed it and correctly put a Superfish block in my header region (the content shown in the superfish menu is the same as the menu called "Header menu" we had, so we're good).

Now the children items in the menu show up all the time, there is no "dropdown on hover".

My questions are:

First, is Superfish a good solution for my main goal?

Second, if Superfish's a good lead, how can I make that dropdown happen on my menu item? I suppose Javascript could do that but i thought Superfish would do all that stuff by itself...

Thank you for your answers.



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Just figured out what my problem was: i forgot to configure the module (in administration pannel, configuration, ...). You have to tell drupal where the libraries are. The 'dropdown' thing is working now. Source

Now, i just need to customize the css