I'm not sure is this the right place to ask so I apologize in forward if it isn't.
I'm looking for a specifically looking theme - premium or free, doesn't matter.

I think it can be described as one page theme.
960 grid based,
Standard menu at the top, a slideshow that's a part of the background (that's a key aspect).
like here: http://www.inspiro-media.com/InspiroB/
Some part is looking like a proper slideshow but when it changes the whole background changes too.
Below that a "news section" that is grid based.
Something like here (recent posts):
Or standard grid based (image that's covered in text when you hover over it or stuff like that)
Below that a standard "article section".
Image on one side, title and some text on the other.
A standard header stuff like disclaimer, spot for FB or Twitter, contact form etc.

I was looking for something like that for a while but I cant find it.
I would be really grateful for some help.
As I said - paid template is just fine, but free would be even better ;).

Thanks in forward and once more - sorry if it's wrong section.


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You might try the Omega theme.

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All the best; intended.
-Chris (great-grandpa.com)
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I visited the site.. It looks really good. I have seen several sites with full background image displays (most don't change)that look very nice..

For me I have always wondered how they got the images to fill out the entire space of the browser(width and height, vertically and horizontally)without having to worry about different browsers...

I viewed the code using firefox inspect element feature. The images look like they aren't very large but by some means fill the entire page. For the background to become an image gallery, jQuery can be used (trust me its easy).
Initially I had thought they applied the jQuery to the background itself only for me to read over the code again to see the trick that they are using.. Its an image (this image measures 1280px width and 800px height) inside a DIV (this DIV has 100% width and 100% height) that fills the entire browser space

Now I know how to have a sharp image to fill the entire space of a browser, that would work on several different browsers, I can create something quite similar