When I first started writing the Masonry module for use on my own website, I had no idea it would become as popular as it has. It is by far my most popular module, a fact I'm quite proud of.

However, the work and dedication needed to maintain the module and keep it updated with the latest version of the jQuery Masonry plugin is now beyond me. I regret letting the issue queue lapse into its current state (where bugs aren't getting fixed and patches aren't getting applied), but I thank community members for supporting each other when I was unable to.

I am therefore looking for someone to take over maintainership of Masonry (and ideally it's sub-modules as well). Please let me know by replying below if this is of interest to you.

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might be interested

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Same here.

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If you want to be a maintainer: Start with the existing issues, work in the issue queues, write documentation, create and review patches. BWPanda needs to know he can trust you.

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Great suggestion eosrei, thank you!

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I'm interested in become a maintainer and I'm happy to assist with the issues. Which is the issue with the highest priority to resolve?

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Not interested anymore.

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What is the maintaining status ? Masonry V3 is out for some times now and this module and submodules probably need some update to add all the new options offered by the new version of masonry.

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My status is the same as before. I'm thinking about maybe redesigning my personal website and using Masonry a bit more (which may result in getting it up-to-date), but that may or may not happen...

In the meantime, as suggested in comment #3 above, if you're interested in maintaining Masonry, show that you're dedicated to it by writing patches, reviewing them, helping out, etc. Then post here asking for maintainership and I'll make it so. I just don't want to give it to someone who needs it for a current project, then will forget about it afterwards (like I did).

Also, if there are patches that have been reviewed by the community and work properly, I'm happy to commit them. I just don't have time to test them myself or make changes, so am hesitant to commit anything that isn't properly tested or that is just a quick fix to a problem that needs proper thought and consideration.

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I'm interested in assisting if you're still looking. Attached is a README documentation file for the api base module. I'll send some others for the submodules, and will hopefully be able to submit some suggest patches relating to some of the current issues. The format largely follows what you have on the module page, and I also reference some other modules that take a similar API-like approach or that incorporate libraries in a similar way (e.g., isotope). If I have any updates I'll can send them in a file or as a patch if you commit this (I think it may make sense to add some more detailed notes relating to the Masonry version and JQuery compatibility considerations).

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Hi Wily, are you interested in becoming the active maintainer for the Masonry suite of modules? I'm looking for someone to take over from me and commit patches, update the code, etc. (i.e. not just an 'assistant')... If so, I'll give you commit access to each of the Masonry modules and you can go for it.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

New maintainer here: Dom.