I'm trying to do a simple PHP string replace and I'm not 100% sure if I've done this correctly. I've followed this guide to create a custom module which I have activated. Here's my code:

* Function Description
* @param function_parameter
* @returns function output description
function myfunctionlibone($type="page") {
	$nameTaken = str_replace ("This username is not available.", "This username is already taken.", "This username is not available.");
	Print $nameTaken;
function myfunctionlibtwo($show="list") {
// php function code

I'm using the 'Friendly Register' module and I want to replace the default feedback message. Does this code automatically run or on all pages or do I have to call

<?php myfunctionlibtwo("block"); ?>

If I do where should I place this piece of code?


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I think you're supposed to create a block and put the function call in there, with the php input filter turned on.

Have you tried using the string override module instead?

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Here is an article on ways to change Drupal strings (including using the module tce mentioned): http://www.bluespark.com/blog/youre-doing-it-wrong-dont-hack-drupal-core...

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