Installed the latest (dev) versions of media/file entity/you tube/soundcloud/vimeo.
Always get: http://xxxxxxxxxx konnte nicht hinzugefügt werden. Only the following types of files are allowed to be uploaded: video, image, audio, document.
Added video/vimeo and video/youtube to mimetypes but no changes.
Any idea?

Edit: I upgraded from media 7.1. It worked there but I needed the newer version for hiding some tabs.


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I´m using tinymce as wysiwyg editor.

Please I need help!

This is the only showstopper for the site before going online.

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you are not the only one, Wolfgang... Media Browser seems to be super buggy.
No solution here so far. Will let you know if I found something.

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Status: Active » Fixed

I'd suggest upgrading to the latest version of Media, File entity and media provider modules (Media: YouTube, Media: Vimeo, etc).

For issues with WYSIWYG integration, see #2067063: Wysiwyg integration is broken.

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