This causes weird UX:

- In firefox for example, after each pause in typing inside the filter field the search-as-you-type feature fires up and focus switches to the browser search box. One needs to click inside the filter field again and again in order to continue filtering the list of files.

- Hitting the backspace takes you to the previous page. This forces people to re-edit and re-click the link that launches the "Select a file" dialog. A lot more clicks for the user to get back to they were.

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Issue summary:View changes more example glitch

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This appears to be the result of an issue in Views (since this is just using the 'autosubmit' feature of Views): #1217948: exposed filter with autosubmit and ajax loses keyboard focus

It doesn't appear like that issue is anywhere near consensus on how to solve it, so working around it in Media is probably the most viable approach. Simply setting the focus back to the input after auto submit has been triggered seems like the easiest approach...

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Here's a patch that works in my testing! Please let me know what you think.

We'll likely start using this in Panopoly soon-ish.