Hi guys
I am developing a theme and I need to access every individual element of a content type/view separately, for example I have a content type called Product and it might have SKU , Image , Price and etc.
I have a block called product to display this view or content type and I want it to have thisSHAPE

it is easy to design HTML for this block but is it possible to insert individual elements inside rectangles?



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Everything that gets displayed on a page is available in the $vars array in the appropriate theme template. You can take over the display there if you like and have read the theming tutorials.

If you've not read the tutorials, then you will find that you get a LONG way towards whatever layout you like (including that one you pictured) just by using Display Suite I highly recommend you just get familiar with that module.
It's got lots of documentation If you are a beginner or get stuck, it would help to read it all first. If you are already familiar with managing Drupal content types, you'll probably find it pretty clear once you find a few new key 'custom display' buttons to use.

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Thanks ;)