I found an issue with views pager when ajax is enabled, ajax doesn't triggers. This is because in system.inc line 104 the class ul.pager is unset


I eliminated that line and now ajax is back working, it just needs to work the css.

I think this bug should be fixed for next versions.



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I can confirm this Issue.
Uncommenting the line fixes this, but I am not sure if that produce new problems in different parts of the theme

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Any errors after uncommenting?

Please, what part of code should I uncomment for working ajax pager? I found only such code in template.php file (and there's no no any system.inc file in Tweme folder):

function tweme_item_list($vars) {
  if (isset($vars['attributes']['class']) && in_array('pager', $vars['attributes']['class'])) {
    // Adjust pager output.
    foreach ($vars['items'] as $i => &$item) {
      if (in_array('pager-current', $item['class'])) {
        $item['class'] = array('active');
        $item['data'] = '<a href="#">' . $item['data'] . '</a>';
      elseif (in_array('pager-ellipsis', $item['class'])) {
        $item['class'] = array('disabled');
        $item['data'] = '<a href="#">' . $item['data'] . '</a>';
    return '<div class="pagination pagination-centered">' . theme_item_list($vars) . '</div>';
  return theme_item_list($vars);

Great Thanks!

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Status:Active» Closed (won't fix)

Should work with the latest Tweme 3.x.