FileField 6.x-3.11, ImageField 6.x-3.11, 6.x-3.0-alpha3, Views 6.x-2.16

Exposed from dropdown list <Any> and True is functioning but when I select False nothing get showed and I want the nodes showed where there are NO images too so people can choose ALL 3. You can see it on this testsite Can't figure out what to do and if this is a bug or not?

I copied the code from the views and have these reports:

Maybe this can help somebody to see what should be done, please?

I would have preferred that I could click on Billeder (scroll to the right) so it's functioning like the rest column header but have used weeks now and couldn't find any solution so I tried this dropdown instead. It need to be exposed so vititors can use this.


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If this is not a bug could someone please tell me how False should be functioning? Or else I will just delete this dropdown as it can't be used. :-(