I have already tried the cloning patch and the bulk patch for commerce kickstart. They provide a bit of speed when entering in multiple variations for the exact same product with different attributes like size or color. However, for a very large inventory they are still quite slow and intricate.

Is there a way through drush, MySQL commands, bash script to pre program all of the entries for a variation and have the program conduct an outside/third party batch install of multiple variations in one product?

OR is there a way to simply expose the forms without entering variations? In this case, there is a one time entry of the image and description then one time entry of all sizes, colors and other features so they can be selected during checkout.

So in short I am looking for one of the following options:

1. Command line batch install of multiple product variations where only variations in attributes change like size, color etc.
2. Expose the forms without the need to create variations and omit the selection or radio code that requires filtering or variations for the forms to appear. At that point they become just selections during the customer view and no repeated entries for only size differences for the admin
3. Provide the raw database inputs for a product add and I will create my own script to populate new variations


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This won't be added to CK2. However this is a good candidate question for Drupal Answers (http://drupal.stackexchange.com/) on how to implement this.