I'm using panels for "taxonomy term pages" and page manager existing page for existing View pages. all pages follow the same template and you can see it in the picture below:
page template
The website is a Question Answer site:
you can select from 100 categories.
each category is a term page and the path pattern is: QA/[term:tid]
at top of the page you can click on 3 buttons which are linked to proper page.
each button is linked to a page with a View that get the argument from URL and loads related list of items.
at the middle of page The View contains 2 tabs. each tab has a parent menu link.
The Views has no problem and get the proper argument from URL.
3 buttons ONLY work fine in term pages not the other pages. there is a context "Term being viewed: %term:tid" they can use to get the right argument from URL.
In other pages that i use "page manager existing pages" there is no proper Context to use.
The buttons can't get the argument from URL and goes to a page answerpage/%term:tid which doesn't exist.
I've tried all Contexts available:
node being viewed> term of node (relationship)> %term:tid
term being viewed> %term:tid
but no success!

3 days, nonstop working, No Result!! Please Help. give me a solution.

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The Problem: There is No Context for current page (page being viewed) in page manager

I solved the problem using this module: Menu Token

I added proper Token to the menu link: [current-page:url:args:last]

Unfortunately you still can't insert dynamic links in panel regions. So you should add contexts related to Current Page