I have changed my language settings and in the process, blocked myself from logging in.

In Drupal Server Administration > Languages > Configure, I changed the setting selection from "Path prefix with Language fallback" to "Domain name only"

I then went to my language selection e.g. French and edited it, removing the path prefix "fr". In the Language domain field, I entered my domain name e.g. www.domainname.com/fr and saved.

I logged out of my site and now I cannot log back in. It's as if after making the above changes, certain nodes cannot be found. I can enter www.domainname.com/admin and get to the login page but after entering my login credentials, I receive a message "page cannot be found".

I'm at a panic frenzy...

I do have some add on modules that could be interfering with pages loading correctly after this change....

My question is, how can I figure out how to login back in??

Can someone explain to me how that changing my language setting would block me out of my site.