I've a problem when I try to work with collapse text in the body of nodes. I've installed module Collapse Text but it's impossible for me that it shows a section collapsible. I'm working with "theme business responsive"

I don't know what I'm making wrong, I write in the body of a basic page one structure like this:

Who's the master!?



When I save the page all the "field class" words dissapears, and it doesn't shows the text collapsible, only plain text (I saved in full html mode).

I've been reading a lot of post about this matter but I haven't found the solution in my case.

Any suggestions about this?

Thanks in advance!



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It sounds like you might have a problem with your theme. You should try changing themes.

You can make areas collapsible with something like CTools. Maybe you should try that or a different module.

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Could you please double-check your Input Filters configuration? According to module help text it should be configured like this:

This input filter must come after the HTML filter, and should go after the convert line breaks filter.

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the problem is in the theme, because I've installed the module "collapse text" in my localhost that works with other theme (nitobe) and I've been able to work with collapsible text without problems in the body of a basic page, without the need to modify nothing in input filters of text formats

But in "business responsive theme" I've must gone to admin/config/content/formats and I've checked "Collapsible text blocks" in order, and I've been able to work with the tags [collapsible] [/collapsible] in the body of my content types. You can see an image of these


But I don't understand still why the tags don't work in this theme.

Well, thanks a lot.

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Is it not possible to change themes?

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Well, generally input filter should not be theme sensitive; may be it's time to check module's issues queue https://drupal.org/project/issues/collapse_text?status=All&categories=All : there are plenty of similar cases (or cases which are sounds similar).