I've been trying to display a 'Content:Location' field (Formatter:Map) within a Lightbox trigger field's popup content. But no matter what I do try, a Google Map (Gmap) does not show.

Read in a blog following text:

[...] a major integration conflict between the Lightbox script and the Google Maps API.
In a nutshell, the problem is that LightBox looks for the rel=”lightbox” attribute when the page loads, and then it initializes the lightbox.js script and produces animation effects when a link is clicked. The Google Maps API works differently: its required window.onload and window.onunload (or ) event handlers place the map on the page only after the page has fully loaded. This means that the rel=”lightbox” attribute doesn’t exist when the page loads, so Lightbox doesn’t see it and the effects aren’t triggered.

Source: http://www.umaitech.com/cms/?p=41

So, is it impossible to include a Location/Gmap field in a Lightbox to show a map?